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Batting Partnerships

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1235 Peter Anstice - Brodey Fien Keira Cricket Club4th Grade8 1 Dapto Gold
2228 Harry Williams - Jay Ferguson Northern Districts Cricket Club3rd Grade2 1 Port Kembla
3210 Sam Price - Jake Monk Keira Cricket Club4th Grade5 1 University Blue
4225 Ethan Kohen - Tomas Phillips Wollongong District Cricket Club(U17A) Stage 3-Level 45 1 SCCC/OFCC
5144 Jye Phillips - Harindu Wanigaratne Dapto Cricket Club1st Grade10 1 Helensburgh
6104 Alex Gunn - Syed Saiduzzaman University of Wollongong Cricket Club4th Grade1 1 Dapto Blue
7145 Daniel Wark - Jamie Phillipson Northern Districts Cricket Club2nd Grade5 1 Wests Illawarra
8131 Duncan Maddinson - Jason Welsh Wollongong District Cricket Club1st Grade9 1 Balgownie
995 Mitchell Hearn - Vijay Karthik University of Wollongong Cricket Club1st Grade4 1 Northern Districts
1069 Bailey Leadbitter - Stephen Bond Northern Districts Cricket Club2nd Grade9 1 Keira

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