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Matches Played

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Match Format 
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1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
1st Grade T20 KO
Under 11A -STG1-L2
Under 13B -STG2-L1
Under 13A -STG2-L2
Masters Competition
Under 15B -STG3-L1
Under 15A -STG3-L2
Under 17A -STG3-L4
Women's T-20 League - Fraternity Club
Wollongong Day Surgery Girls League - Stage 1
1 Beckett, ScottNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00300000000000
2 Batten, PaulNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00900000000000
3 Laws, Tim CWollongong District Cricket Club10002000000000
4 Gillett, StephanieWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000070
5 Ciocci, FrancoPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000200000
6 Habak, Warren GPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000000
7 Hunter, LukeKeira Cricket Club01003000000000
8 Kapsimallis, NickPort Kembla Cricket Club01000000200000
9 Koutsoufis, AndrewPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000000
10 Lee, DanielPort Kembla Cricket Club50003000000000
11 Noronha, ShanePort Kembla Cricket Club01000000000000
12 Phelps, Daniel FPort Kembla Cricket Club80003000000000
13 Rollestone, MarkNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club15000000000000
14 Smith, Scott AWollongong District Cricket Club72000000000000
15 Chrostowski, Paul SWollongong District Cricket Club00500000000000
16 Badger, William BWollongong District Cricket Club001100000000000
17 Welsh, Jason BWollongong District Cricket Club06401000000000
18 Cottom, Mark ANorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club26000000000000
19 Warren, Phil NWests Illawarra Cricket Club01000000100000
20 Potts, David TWests Illawarra Cricket Club110000000100000
21 Harivel, Matthew LWollongong District Cricket Club30001000000000
22 Johnston, MarkKeira Cricket Club50000000000000
23 Gibson, GlenKeira Cricket Club00000000200000
24 Potter, LaurenWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000060
25 Cleaves, PeterNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00130000000000
26 Sproal, Lee MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club09100000000000
27 Sewell, DavidIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00900000000000
28 Richards, Daniel JUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club03400000000000
29 Fleming, JamesBalgownie Cricket Club30000000000000
30 Bridges, StuartWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000000
31 Lewis, Chris JPort Kembla Cricket Club61001000200000
32 Batty, Graeme ABalgownie Cricket Club40001000000000
33 Fisher, RobBalgownie Cricket Club70001000000000
34 Scifleet, Dale GDapto Cricket Club30001000000000
35 Sunderland, Steven DPort Kembla Cricket Club70003000000000
36 Armstrong, Benjamin JPort Kembla Cricket Club40000000000000
37 Ralston, James PPort Kembla Cricket Club11000000000000
38 Armstrong, Nicholas APort Kembla Cricket Club32002000000000
39 Wellins, James PPort Kembla Cricket Club42000000000000
40 Vigurs, Joshua CPort Kembla Cricket Club02000000000000
41 Ralston, Jason TPort Kembla Cricket Club00003000000000
42 Dean, Billy CPort Kembla Cricket Club13000000000000
43 Purdevski, AnthonyPort Kembla Cricket Club60001000000000
44 Simula, MarkDapto Cricket Club01910000000000
45 Kapsimallis, Nathan CPort Kembla Cricket Club09100000000000
46 Gilchrist, AndrewWollongong District Cricket Club00200000000000
47 Tolhurst, Daniel MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00460000000000
48 Latif, BasemKeira Cricket Club00000000300000
49 Berwick, AdamBalgownie Cricket Club70001000000000
50 Stephenson, MichaelBalgownie Cricket Club10001000000000
51 Blissenden, Steven DHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.60000000000000
52 Johnson, Cameron SWollongong District Cricket Club19000000000000
53 Balgi, AmitUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00000000000000
54 Brockley, Paul AWests Illawarra Cricket Club07000000100000
55 Boncompagni, Luke MWests Illawarra Cricket Club00100000000000
56 Crewdson, Shannon JBalgownie Cricket Club22000000000000
57 Matteson, ScottWests Illawarra Cricket Club00020000100000
58 Morris, Brenton SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00040000000000
59 Murphy, Peter JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000100000
60 Rayner, Shane RWests Illawarra Cricket Club01200000100000
61 Rowe, Peter JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000100000
62 Thompson, Bart AWests Illawarra Cricket Club001010000100000
63 Honavar, NeelKeira Cricket Club41000000000000
64 Salakas, Matthew PNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club21001000000000
65 Loveday, Nathan JWollongong District Cricket Club80003000000000
66 Brady, LachlanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.33001000000000
67 McCrae, MitchHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.50001000000000
68 Gasseling, TroyKeira Cricket Club50003000000000
69 Georgiou, ChrisDapto Cricket Club60001000000000
70 Jones, GregDapto Cricket Club00000000000000
71 Sharman, ScottDapto Cricket Club00700000000000
72 Warren , Graeme JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000000
73 Kriss, Jason JWests Illawarra Cricket Club05100000000000
74 Fuss, Gary PShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
75 Crouch, MatthewWollongong District Cricket Club01000000000000
76 Cook, TracyWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000070
77 Woetai, PikiCorrimal Cricket Club00060000000000
78 Schofield, DavidShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000200000
79 Potter, RianWollongong District Cricket Club00110000000000
80 Curtis, Bobby CKeira Cricket Club001000000100000
81 Johns, TylerWollongong District Cricket Club70003000000000
82 Weller, SydShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
83 Willis, MatthewKeira Cricket Club00040000000000
84 Wilkinson, FionnUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club010200000000000
85 Neilson, GaryNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000000
86 Benson, Neale CWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000000
87 Rutledge, BradNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00200000000000
88 Smith, Blake TWests Illawarra Cricket Club00003000000000
89 Spain, JoshuaBalgownie Cricket Club70001000000000
90 Berry, ManningNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club60001000000000
91 O'Connell, JakeWests Illawarra Cricket Club90003000000000
92 Judge, CoreyDapto Cricket Club03000000000000
93 Dalley, MitchellUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02710000000000
94 Kornberger, Aaryn KWests Illawarra Cricket Club110003000000000
95 Bassett, Jon PaulKeira Cricket Club00440000300000
96 McDevitt, JosephNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00001000000000
97 Murphy, DougKeira Cricket Club08000000300000
98 Muggleton, AlanShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
99 Bunyan, Jason KBalgownie Cricket Club70001000000000
100 Zybrands, Peter DWollongong District Cricket Club73000000000000
101 Arthur, Craig AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00300000000000
102 Khan, AyazPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000200000
103 Le Bas, LindsayPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
104 McGregor, LukeBalgownie Cricket Club60001000000000
105 Fountain, CailynWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000060
106 Chauhan, Nilesh PWollongong District Cricket Club00250000000000
107 Subramanya, RahulIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00700000000000
108 Maitland, Scott AWollongong District Cricket Club00500000000000
109 Marsh, RichardDapto Cricket Club50000000000000
110 Hancox, Steve JPort Kembla Cricket Club09001000000000
111 Ruse, Richard IWests Illawarra Cricket Club00040000000000
112 Tolhurst, Russell JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00100000100000
113 Cauduro, Robert JWests Illawarra Cricket Club82003000000000
114 Chappell, James PUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club70001000000000
115 Buffoni, DanielWollongong District Cricket Club03500000000000
116 Lee, MichaelKeira Cricket Club03800000000000
117 Lewton, Sam RKeira Cricket Club00200000000000
118 Verma, NikhilWests Illawarra Cricket Club12000000000000
119 Owen, Blake JWollongong District Cricket Club61001000000000
120 Galea, LukeDapto Cricket Club03410000000000
121 Mikleus, Liam AWests Illawarra Cricket Club10000000000000
122 Yeaman, Joshua PWollongong District Cricket Club09200000000000
123 Barrett, Martin DWests Illawarra Cricket Club08000000000000
124 Barrett, Tyson RWests Illawarra Cricket Club100003000000000
125 Brown, Lachlan WWests Illawarra Cricket Club15100000000000
126 Harper, Callum AWests Illawarra Cricket Club09201000000000
127 Oates, ChrisKeira Cricket Club00070000000000
128 Phillips, Aiden LWests Illawarra Cricket Club00080000000000
129 Vyas, Jai-DevWests Illawarra Cricket Club06100000000000
130 Murphy, PeterKeira Cricket Club00080000200000
131 Beer, JimmyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.10000000000000
132 Temple, GlennNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club02900000000000
133 Ryan, NeilHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.18200000000000
134 Phillipson, Jamie ANorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club34000000000000
135 Cook, AidanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club50001000000000
136 Kilby, Stephen JCorrimal Cricket Club02000000000000
137 Ellem, JamesKeira Cricket Club17000000000000
138 Marning, EddieKeira Cricket Club15000000000000
139 Mackey, PatWollongong District Cricket Club00400000000000
140 Allen, MichaelNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club011000000000000
141 Davidson, RyanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000000000
142 Tobin, Patrick JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00200000000000
143 Austin, JedNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club60001000000000
144 Bond, JoshuaNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club25000000000000
145 Fowles, Jonathan DNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club70001000000000
146 Jones, RyanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00700000000000
147 Joubert, Sandon SNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00900000000000
148 Coleman, TroyKeira Cricket Club40003000000000
149 Ave, PaniaCorrimal Cricket Club00020000000000
150 Cameron, SamPort Kembla Cricket Club34001000000000
151 Dodds, Michael PUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00400000000000
152 Folwell, JustinWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
153 Hannam, Andrew IWollongong District Cricket Club00400000000000
154 Kapoor, GauravWollongong District Cricket Club03400000000000
155 Makea, ShaneCorrimal Cricket Club02000000000000
156 Mutch, Samuel DWollongong District Cricket Club07200000000000
157 Opo, Nawauwi SCorrimal Cricket Club00090000000000
158 Studholme, David LWollongong District Cricket Club61001000000000
159 Dodds, Toby WWollongong District Cricket Club80002000000000
160 Flynn-Duncombe, Toby TWollongong District Cricket Club00002000000000
161 Weine, Lachlan JWollongong District Cricket Club00800000000000
162 Hassan, DawoodWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
163 Head, Peter LWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
164 Jaque, Ulises RWollongong District Cricket Club00600000000000
165 Nio, RepaCorrimal Cricket Club00090000000000
166 Opeta, Tai TCorrimal Cricket Club00030000000000
167 Rupena, RuaCorrimal Cricket Club00020000000000
168 Tiere, Eddie TCorrimal Cricket Club00060000000000
169 Tiere, Ross RCorrimal Cricket Club00020000000000
170 Tiere, Tupou MCorrimal Cricket Club00080000000000
171 Waremaki, ArmstrongCorrimal Cricket Club00010000000000
172 Williams, David ACorrimal Cricket Club02000000000000
173 Woetai, PaniCorrimal Cricket Club00170000000000
174 Crockett, KristianUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00300000000000
175 Brancato, JustinNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club80001000000000
176 Clark, MatthewKeira Cricket Club00040000000000
177 Constable, DanielKeira Cricket Club30003000000000
178 Cooper, Jayden BKeira Cricket Club001200000000000
179 Dale, JonoKeira Cricket Club00040000000000
180 Dowdell, JoelKeira Cricket Club08101000000000
181 Felvus, TobyKeira Cricket Club12000000000000
182 Galanti, MatthewKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
183 Maker, EthanKeira Cricket Club001100000000000
184 Smith, Caelan JKeira Cricket Club14000000000000
185 Brinkworth, DavidNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00700000000000
186 Garnero, MatthewKeira Cricket Club13000000000000
187 Spain, JoelBalgownie Cricket Club05300000000000
188 Barkley, StuartUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00300000000000
189 Garbutt, JustinBalgownie Cricket Club00060000000000
190 Irish, Simon EUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club71001000000000
191 Jancetic, SteveUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02810000000000
192 Jones, Paul AUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00800000000000
193 Kampers, DavidKeira Cricket Club00000000200000
194 Kampers, DavidPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000 00000
195 Kampers, DavidUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00180000000000
196 Kosiak, NickUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00130000000000
197 Morris, DanielUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02400000000000
198 Reid, BillUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02700000000000
199 Scardanas, JimUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00030000000000
200 Somerville, PeterUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club03600000000000
201 Tosswill, BruceUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00260000000000
202 Smith, Rohan AUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club60000000000000
203 Cartwright, Jack PCorrimal Cricket Club70001000000000
204 Cram, AaronCorrimal Cricket Club08100000000000
205 Dillon, Jaymee GBalgownie Cricket Club07000000000000
206 Dutton, KyleWollongong District Cricket Club00900000000000
207 Henderson, Nicholas WCorrimal Cricket Club60001000000000
208 Jones, LachlanCorrimal Cricket Club36000000000000
209 Jones, Mitchell LCorrimal Cricket Club20000000000000
210 McDevitt, Xavier TNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club60001000000000
211 Osborne, AlexanderCorrimal Cricket Club61001000000000
212 Osborne, JakeCorrimal Cricket Club71001000000000
213 Smith, Lewis PCorrimal Cricket Club80001000000000
214 Trebel, JoshuaCorrimal Cricket Club02000000000000
215 Trebel, Kyle GCorrimal Cricket Club71001000000000
216 Trebel, Nathan JCorrimal Cricket Club81001000000000
217 Wallace, Stephen JCorrimal Cricket Club31000000000000
218 Yates, BrentCorrimal Cricket Club01700000000000
219 Brady, Shay LHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.60001000000000
220 Falkiner, Jaydn MHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.20001000000000
221 McCrae, Hayden JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.20001000000000
222 Tipping, Kyle DHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.63000000000000
223 Bubb, MatthewPort Kembla Cricket Club02000000000000
224 Lam, AndrewBalgownie Cricket Club00010000000000
225 Beattie, AdrianKeira Cricket Club00070000000000
226 Cadona, DeclanBalgownie Cricket Club02400000000000
227 Franklin, MathewBalgownie Cricket Club00800000000000
228 Green, AidanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club43001000000000
229 Lackenby, JeremyWollongong District Cricket Club00100000000000
230 Middleton, KaiCorrimal Cricket Club60001000000000
231 Middleton, OdinBalgownie Cricket Club05300000000000
232 Brady, Christopher DHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00100000000000
233 Brady, Joshua LHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.03500000000000
234 Falkiner, Luke DHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.51001000000000
235 Forshaw, Matthew JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000000000
236 O'Toole, Brent SHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.03500000000000
237 Low, David DUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00020000000000
238 Kiddle, RyanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00500000000000
239 Hall, ShervilleKeira Cricket Club00530000100000
240 Chauhan, Dharmini JWollongong District Cricket Club00220000000000
241 Swainson, Rory BWollongong District Cricket Club00610000000000
242 Dodds, Callum MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club51001000000000
243 Oborn-Corby, Oscar JCorrimal Cricket Club00001000000000
244 Stewart, JacksonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club80001000000000
245 Horsley, TaneKeira Cricket Club00400000000000
246 Moore, ChristopherKeira Cricket Club08000000000000
247 Mowbray, NoahKeira Cricket Club05500000000000
248 Stark, MatthewKeira Cricket Club50003000000000
249 Betts, ChrisKeira Cricket Club00000000300000
250 Darby, JoshPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000000
251 Horsley, AndrewKeira Cricket Club00900000000000
252 Theodossiadis, JordanKeira Cricket Club06003000000000
253 Weaver, WarrenWests Illawarra Cricket Club00080000000000
254 Eyb, Jared CWests Illawarra Cricket Club011000000000000
255 Roberts, MatthewKeira Cricket Club09100000000000
256 Vyas, Bhargav SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00430000000000
257 Bonnie, Mitchell WDapto Cricket Club03310000000000
258 Coughlan-Ryan, Adam BWests Illawarra Cricket Club01010000000000
259 Coughlan-Ryan, Lachlan MWests Illawarra Cricket Club110003000000000
260 Doyle, Kieran JDapto Cricket Club04000000000000
261 Doyle, Zachary SDapto Cricket Club05000000000000
262 Hawksworth, Joel TDapto Cricket Club51000000000000
263 Murphy, LachlanWollongong District Cricket Club00300000000000
264 Naylor, JackDapto Cricket Club08000000000000
265 Welsh, Dylan JDapto Cricket Club01000000000000
266 Callaway, Lleyton RDapto Cricket Club32001000000000
267 Maddinson, LachlanWollongong District Cricket Club31002000000000
268 Hickman, OwenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club05100000000000
269 Sharpe, JacobKeira Cricket Club00800000000000
270 Ross, Irianka JThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000060
271 Lawler, DanielDapto Cricket Club00500000000000
272 Jensen, TroyDapto Cricket Club00910000000000
273 Sharman, MichaelDapto Cricket Club001000000000000
274 Hammond, PatrickDapto Cricket Club16000000000000
275 Ryan, Steven WWests Illawarra Cricket Club00190000100000
276 Whiteman, FredUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00100000000000
277 Molkentin, DanielBalgownie Cricket Club00000000000000
278 Smith, Mark RNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
279 Harding, ZacCorrimal Cricket Club32000000000000
280 Dutton, TravisWollongong District Cricket Club00600000000000
281 Collimore, Jack AHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.70001000000000
282 Keyes, Jonathan ANorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000000
283 Rees, Patrick PNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club02000000000000
284 Millar, SamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00050000000000
285 Hardy, Kale JDapto Cricket Club00100000000000
286 Vincent, RossKeira Cricket Club01300000000000
287 McCarron, MichaelShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000300000
288 Johnston, AnthonyShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000000000
289 Fitzgerald, JarradHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000000000
290 Partridge, JacksonUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club37000000000000
291 Watson, Dean MBalgownie Cricket Club30000000000000
292 Leonard, BailieBalgownie Cricket Club06000000000000
293 Rose, JonathanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club60001000000000
294 Smith, LachlanCorrimal Cricket Club31000000000000
295 Hearn, Mitchell CKeira Cricket Club30003000000000
296 Ford, MichaelUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club18100000000000
297 Conte, SamuelPort Kembla Cricket Club12000000000000
298 Papakosmas, JohnPort Kembla Cricket Club25000000000000
299 Smith, Cooper RHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00200000000000
300 Debbes, JoshuaCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000000
301 Sheedy, DylanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00200000000000
302 Patison, FlynnPort Kembla Cricket Club10000000000000
303 Miller, Brad EShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000200000
304 Meier, Jye MHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00150000000000
305 Sigmond, Scott ADapto Cricket Club02310000000000
306 Sigmond, Scott AKeira Cricket Club00000000100000
307 Sigmond, Scott APort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
308 Maddinson, DuncanWollongong District Cricket Club31002000000000
309 McDean, JarrodNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club011000000000000
310 Atkinson, ChloeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000030
311 Kerry, MatthewKeira Cricket Club00040000000000
312 Churchill, Zachary JWests Illawarra Cricket Club90003000000000
313 Broadhead, Mason WNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club16300000000000
314 Joyce, RileyUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00100000000000
315 Joyce, BenUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02600000000000
316 Voysey, Rhys WUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club60001000000000
317 Gray, HarryCorrimal Cricket Club01600000000000
318 Nolan, JoelNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club16100000000000
319 Rahman, IbrahimNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
320 Colmer, JoshuaNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00070000000000
321 Greenhalgh, Madison EDapto Cricket Club00100000000000
322 Kell, TristanKeira Cricket Club01500000000000
323 Brady, DamianWollongong District Cricket Club00100000000000
324 Purcell, TomShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
325 Handcock, LeanneNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
326 Eady, MitchUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club71000000000000
327 Tannous, IsabellePort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000030
328 BARTLETT, SETHDapto Cricket Club00000000000700
329 Ezquerro, AdrianWests Illawarra Cricket Club35000000000000
330 Ducie, BobShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
331 Harrison, MatthewDapto Cricket Club00010000000000
332 Coetzer, AlexUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club70001000000000
333 Crehan, Jack ADapto Cricket Club01800000000000
334 Young, Matthew DKeira Cricket Club00920000000000
335 Davis, Logan JIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00800000000000
336 Strudwick, AlexanderKeira Cricket Club00070000000000
337 Webb, DavidShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000200000
338 Leadbitter, Angus PHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.24000000000000
339 Zahra-Smith, Jayden GDapto Cricket Club50001000000000
340 Rogers, Samuel ECorrimal Cricket Club00400000000000
341 Pearce, Bradley WWests Illawarra Cricket Club00620000100000
342 Savelli, Lily AKeira Cricket Club00060000000840
343 Cattle, RhysKeira Cricket Club40003000000000
344 Lucas, BillyKeira Cricket Club00540000000800
345 Marning, MatthewKeira Cricket Club00240000000800
346 White, JarrydLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
347 Wanstall, ArunCorrimal Cricket Club05700000000000
348 Stacey, GregKeira Cricket Club00020000000000
349 Wanstall, CassellCorrimal Cricket Club00100000000000
350 Alterator, Nathan MNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club02300000000000
351 Ferguson, JayNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club05100000000000
352 Cohen, DanielBalgownie Cricket Club01700000000800
353 Cohen, Lochlan JBalgownie Cricket Club01500000000000
354 Kana, NishaanBalgownie Cricket Club00300000000500
355 Moss, FergusBalgownie Cricket Club00310000000700
356 Papakosmas, WilliamBalgownie Cricket Club01700000000800
357 Welsh, CameronBalgownie Cricket Club00900000000800
358 Welsh, Lachlan CWests Illawarra Cricket Club13000000000600
359 Robinson, JaidenLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000005000
360 Clifford, Jonty TWests Illawarra Cricket Club00020000000000
361 Eyb, Ethan TWests Illawarra Cricket Club05700000000700
362 Roberts, RyanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000800
363 Agalgaonkar, Prathamesh AIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00900000000000
364 Cuoco, VicKeira Cricket Club00000000100000
365 Nawauwi, DavidCorrimal Cricket Club01200000000000
366 Opo, Joe MCorrimal Cricket Club00050000000000
367 Daruvuri, VinodWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
368 Douglas, Will BWollongong District Cricket Club00920000000000
369 Goodley, DavidBalgownie Cricket Club00900000000000
370 Austin, Kaelah LNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000020
371 Leonard, IsaacBalgownie Cricket Club13000000000000
372 Morris, BrettHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.18200000000000
373 Kumarage, DinukIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00700000000000
374 Gambhir, ArmaanIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00700000000000
375 Page, AndrewUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club20000000000000
376 Basu, AbhiNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
377 Chaplin, Matthew JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00170000000000
378 Goodsell, LewisKeira Cricket Club04000000000000
379 Cumming, AngusUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club50001000000000
380 Dougall, TomUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club16200000000000
381 Collier, DarrinKeira Cricket Club00100000100000
382 Trebel, CaitlinCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000090
383 Stephens, CooperLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
384 Crehan, Blake ADapto Cricket Club00200000000700
385 Smith, Cooper DDapto Cricket Club03010000000700
386 Ruprecht, LucasDapto Cricket Club00000000000700
387 Reid, Ewan CHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.01300000000000
388 Whiteman, Keith AShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
389 Lee, Glenn MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club05000000000000
390 Sargeson, Grace MWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000000
391 Smith, DarrenKeira Cricket Club00020000000000
392 Locke, KyleBalgownie Cricket Club34000000000000
393 Wilkie, JacobKeira Cricket Club02700000000000
394 Morrison, Ben IWests Illawarra Cricket Club07100000000000
395 Giustiniani, Jackson JWollongong District Cricket Club00010000000000
396 Eady, MitchellUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02000000000000
397 Ferguson, Alby JBalgownie Cricket Club02250000007000
398 Jensen, CooperDapto Cricket Club40001000000000
399 Abela, Bailey JWests Illawarra Cricket Club90003000000800
400 Barnes, Caleb JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00510000000600
401 King, Noah JWests Illawarra Cricket Club43001000000900
402 Nicastri, Nicolas MWests Illawarra Cricket Club16000000000900
403 Cattle, RyanKeira Cricket Club14000000000700
404 Meek, ChristopherWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000600
405 Milsom, CallumKeira Cricket Club00000000000800
406 Thomas, Cruz SHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.08000000000000
407 Beattie, Matthew WWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000600
408 Allen, LucasNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club07400000000800
409 Broadhead, RileyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000007000
410 McDonald-Kearns, MatthewUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00240000000000
411 Cracknell, BenjaminCorrimal Cricket Club15000000000000
412 Wraight, JarvisShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
413 Brett, Paul WShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
414 Beavan, MichaelCorrimal Cricket Club00510000000000
415 Beavan, MichaelPort Kembla Cricket Club00100000000000
416 Bellhouse, IndiaPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000060
417 Bellhouse, IndiaShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000006000
418 Skippen, JackWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000000
419 Bassingthwaighte, Dion AHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00640000000000
420 Stark, ScottKeira Cricket Club00060000000000
421 Liddell, TraeWollongong District Cricket Club03700000000000
422 Campion, AidenAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
423 Nimeti, WilliamCorrimal Cricket Club00010000000000
424 Mulcahy, BenDapto Cricket Club001000000000000
425 Thompson, Trey AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00620000000600
426 Dribbus, MurrayNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00170000000000
427 Jackson, MatthewCorrimal Cricket Club01400000000000
428 McDonald, JackUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club60001000000000
429 Cutajar, Zachary AWests Illawarra Cricket Club000400000001100
430 Partland, PaulNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00050000000000
431 Coleman, DavidShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
432 Coleman, JacobShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
433 Matthews, RobShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
434 Mead, AlexBalgownie Cricket Club08100000000000
435 Jagarlamudi, VeerendraWollongong District Cricket Club00510000000000
436 Turner, Jaryd LNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00250000000800
437 David, ThomasKeira Cricket Club00510000000000
438 Benn, Harrison RHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.60001000000000
439 Troy, MichaelShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
440 Armstrong, Peter GNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00190000000000
441 Trebel, Callum JCorrimal Cricket Club18101000000000
442 Vreman, MichaelPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
443 Marciante, NathanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.40001000000000
444 Maher, SamuelWollongong District Cricket Club03900000000000
445 Warrington, Kade JDapto Cricket Club05000000000000
446 Phillips, Jye BDapto Cricket Club60001000000000
447 Grant, DillonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000070000
448 Brailey, LoganKeira Cricket Club01410000000000
449 Welch, HarrisonAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
450 Cox, Hamish BBalgownie Cricket Club00240000007000
451 Shelley, LachlanKeira Cricket Club00080000000000
452 Ruprecht, TylerDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
453 Amadio, MichaelDapto Cricket Club40001000000700
454 Lawson, DylanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club010000000000000
455 Thompson, KiasDapto Cricket Club50001000000700
456 Hoy, William JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.72001000000000
457 Miller, BaileyDapto Cricket Club00000000000600
458 Harding, AndrewCorrimal Cricket Club00800000000000
459 Muhammed, ZarifCorrimal Cricket Club05410000000000
460 Kay, Ryan JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00240000000900
461 King, Thomas WWests Illawarra Cricket Club00110000008100
462 Hobson, Harry EPort Kembla Cricket Club71003000000000
463 Hobson, Samuel GNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club61001000000000
464 Plumridge, IsaacIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00800000000000
465 Rae, Oscar PNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00640000000800
466 Mawutu, MakatiaCorrimal Cricket Club00150000000000
467 Yates, Jack JPort Kembla Cricket Club82003000000900
468 Meier, ScottHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00270000000000
469 Mehmet, ArifUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00050000000000
470 Newman, Grant AWests Illawarra Cricket Club110003000000000
471 Newman, WilliamBalgownie Cricket Club00420000000800
472 Armstrong, Tom WNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000060000
473 Bryant, DrewWollongong District Cricket Club00800000000000
474 Manwarring, LachlanCorrimal Cricket Club00100000000000
475 Rose, BarryWollongong District Cricket Club00100000000000
476 Coward, Lyndon AWests Illawarra Cricket Club71000000000100
477 Sweeney, Rodney JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00050000000000
478 Woods, LaurenWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000070
479 Needham, ScottKeira Cricket Club00240000000000
480 Swaby, Mitchell JWests Illawarra Cricket Club03500000000700
481 Campbell, Angus BWests Illawarra Cricket Club81003000000800
482 White, KeeganNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000000800
483 Constantinou, JaycobLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
484 Davidson, LochieKeira Cricket Club00040000000800
485 Garnero, JoshuaKeira Cricket Club06500000005000
486 Neal, Lachlan BWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000009000
487 David, GeoffKeira Cricket Club00810000000000
488 Williams, Harry BBalgownie Cricket Club13000000000000
489 Williams, Thomas MNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club60000000000000
490 Hearn, DonaldUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club53001000000000
491 Karthik, VijayUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club30000000000000
492 Moodley, MickShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
493 Hampasagar, ShivakumarIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00540000000000
494 Parkes, ChrisKeira Cricket Club001100000000000
495 Flinn, MatthewDapto Cricket Club00000000000000
496 Sherman, TylerWollongong District Cricket Club17202000000000
497 Pallier, GregUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00650000000000
498 Brown, LucasAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
499 Griffin, PatShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000300000
500 Riedy, EuanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club33100000000800
501 Kiefer, FinnNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00180000000800
502 Booker, JacobGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
503 Needham, OliverKeira Cricket Club50002000000100
504 Stewart, Jack dHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.22300000000000
505 Murphy, AngusDapto Cricket Club16000000000000
506 Lynch-Munro, MasonPort Kembla Cricket Club13700000000900
507 Reddy, Rithvik NIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00210000000000
508 Ross, KobeWollongong District Cricket Club80003000000000
509 Jensen, LoganDapto Cricket Club03310000000000
510 Jensen, LoganKeira Cricket Club00000000005100
511 Nguyen, JasonIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00500000000000
512 Treffone, MurrayNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00030000000000
513 Kay, LucasShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
514 Barter, JosephShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000041000
515 McDonald, BaxterShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000004000
516 Bhide, TejasUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00400000000000
517 Arthur, Darcy MWollongong District Cricket Club00000000026000
518 Fernando, PrashaneWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000009000
519 Newell-Glaser, Cooper JWests Illawarra Cricket Club05400000000700
520 Jennepalli, Lalith CDapto Cricket Club26001000000000
521 Brooks, AnthonyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00070000000000
522 Tahana, StewartWests Illawarra Cricket Club00310000000000
523 Isbester, Luke DUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00300000000000
524 Westbrook, Jonty NNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000000000
525 Leadbitter, Bailey JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club70000000000000
526 Warburton, Isaac JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club15200000000000
527 Wark, Daniel GNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club70001000000000
528 Westbrook, Timothy JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00140000000000
529 Smolenaars, David JWollongong District Cricket Club00020000000000
530 Jancetic, Zachary FPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000700
531 Jancetic, Zachary FUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00700000000000
532 Minovski, AleksandarWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000081000
533 Minovski, JoshuaWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000009000
534 Rayner, Harrison OWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
535 Sandison, Liam SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000040000
536 Roche, Christopher DWests Illawarra Cricket Club00460000000000
537 Hall, SamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
538 Mackrell, BlakeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
539 Young, MarkPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
540 Endacott, LochieKeira Cricket Club21101000000000
541 Simpson, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000006000
542 Christie, MichaelKeira Cricket Club00220000200000
543 Gray, ConnorCorrimal Cricket Club61000000000000
544 Burger, Brandon LCorrimal Cricket Club08300000000000
545 Batten, DominicNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000009000
546 Tiere, Pakere LCorrimal Cricket Club13100000000000
547 Harper, Glenn ACorrimal Cricket Club00100000000000
548 Howard, MikeShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
549 Opeta, AkimaCorrimal Cricket Club15000000000000
550 Tiere, MalaCorrimal Cricket Club21101000000000
551 Pryde, BrodieOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000050000
552 Williams, Alexander JBalgownie Cricket Club10000000000000
553 Smith, BlakeWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000080000
554 Najeendran Nair, SreshtuWollongong District Cricket Club00170000000000
555 Valand, DhruvIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000000000000
556 Parker, BaileyKeira Cricket Club00100000000000
557 OHara, ArchieWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000009000
558 Hanna, Russell CHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.03200000000000
559 Hobson, James PNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00070000000000
560 Hatchell, PaulNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
561 Tiere, MarkCorrimal Cricket Club00040000000000
562 Mulcahy, WayneDapto Cricket Club001000000000000
563 Craw, ZacheryDapto Cricket Club60001000000000
564 Garrard, CooperNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00030000009000
565 Ayers, IsaacNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
566 Douglas, LawsonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000050000
567 Vardy, AidanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00240000009000
568 Curry, RoarkeKeira Cricket Club00320000000000
569 Adams, HarleyWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000080000
570 Couley, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000004000
571 Leadbitter, Zane ANorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club03900000000800
572 Hart, Adam GShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
573 Norris, Darcy GLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
574 Prior, StuartNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club03200000000000
575 Thorn, JayBalgownie Cricket Club07000000000000
576 Harriman, TomCorrimal Cricket Club01610000000000
577 Rice, Owen SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000000
578 Clayden, MichaelNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00040000000000
579 Hodgson, RileyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00800000000000
580 Gass, JudeNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000600
581 Craig, Warren RHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.43200000000000
582 Starr, LachlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000006000
583 McEnearney, Callum JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.04500000000000
584 McEnearney, Callum JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000200
585 McGuirk, Johnathon RHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000050000
586 Moon, Beau JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000060000000
587 Phillips, BenKeira Cricket Club00000000005000
588 Berry, PuneetWollongong District Cricket Club00900000000000
589 Bowen, JackNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000700
590 Bowen, GaryNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000800
591 Cattle, BlakeKeira Cricket Club02130000005100
592 Roberts, JasmineKeira Cricket Club00070000000060
593 Fien, BrodeyKeira Cricket Club03700000000000
594 Taylor, ZaneNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00230000000800
595 Fien, NoahKeira Cricket Club00010000005000
596 Baban, DerekCorrimal Cricket Club00900000000000
597 Temple, ZaneNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club07500000000800
598 Steven, Oscar JWollongong District Cricket Club00520000000000
599 Allan, Hayden JWollongong District Cricket Club00050000000000
600 Saiduzzaman, Syed MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00500000000000
601 Amit, Muktadir HassanUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00520000000000
602 Islam, RamimUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club02100000000000
603 Sherrell, Vincent JKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
604 Owens, Lachlan RDapto Cricket Club08200000000000
605 Pittman, Will FHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000050000000
606 Gordon, NateNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
607 Murray, MatthewNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000040000
608 Murray, JamesNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000040000
609 David, AustinWests Illawarra Cricket Club00510000000500
610 Warburton, FinnNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00710000009000
611 McKinley, Tom AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
612 Segar, NinaIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00010000000030
613 Burton, Jed OWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
614 Vyas, Radha SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000009000
615 Mikleus, Joel TWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000008000
616 Smith, Clayton JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000000600
617 Piela, Michael RWests Illawarra Cricket Club01600000000000
618 Kerr, Jack SWests Illawarra Cricket Club02100000000000
619 Sharman, Blake AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000300
620 Brown, JakeBalgownie Cricket Club16000000007000
621 Bond, StephenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club07000000000000
622 Turner, LeeNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000000
623 Wraight, NoahShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
624 McGuirk, Gavin JHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.15200000000000
625 Brown, ShaneBalgownie Cricket Club02070000000000
626 Cohen, RichardBalgownie Cricket Club01080000000000
627 Carlotto, Adam AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00020000009000
628 Haran, Digby WHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000500000000
629 Stark, MikaelaKeira Cricket Club00000070000040
630 Stark, SamuelKeira Cricket Club00000018000000
631 Neich, LachlanBalgownie Cricket Club16100000000800
632 Everett, RichardKeira Cricket Club00540000200000
633 Davis, Luke JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
634 ferguson, brettBalgownie Cricket Club01010000000000
635 McLeod, Connor PNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
636 McLoughlin, JustinNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000070000
637 Smith, AaronDapto Cricket Club00000000090000
638 Lucas, JosephKeira Cricket Club00000008000000
639 Thomas, Jack FWests Illawarra Cricket Club01710000000000
640 Shanahan, LukeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
641 Armitage, TimothyWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070100
642 McWilliams, NoahLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
643 Teodorowych, Carlo AUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club01600000000000
644 Urszulak, TalehaOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000050080
645 James, HectorKeira Cricket Club00020000005000
646 Mackenzie, VaughanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.03100000000000
647 Leadbitter, AdamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
648 Williams, RichardNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
649 Fennell, JadenPort Kembla Cricket Club00100000080000
650 Jameson, CalvinKeira Cricket Club00000007000000
651 Rakheja, AahanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000060000
652 Doyle, ChrisNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00080000000000
653 Newton, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000000000
654 Cooney, CallumKeira Cricket Club00000009000000
655 Duncan, ThomasGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
656 Grant, MasonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000070000
657 Reay, DuntaeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000004000
658 Cody, FarrahPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000003
659 Le Febvre, RobertKeira Cricket Club00280000000000
660 Jackson, EmilyWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000080
661 Hall, BradleyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000070000
662 Sharma, JayWollongong District Cricket Club03600000000000
663 Mallon, NicholasNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00830000000800
664 Druery, Ethan RWests Illawarra Cricket Club00020000000400
665 Jennepalli, Charith CDapto Cricket Club04000000000800
666 Croft, MaxwellWollongong District Cricket Club000001000000000
667 Yeo, Leland KUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club08100000000000
668 Akram, Al Rafi RUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00220000000000
669 Tourneur, Timothy GKeira Cricket Club00810000000000
670 Kini, ShivKeira Cricket Club00170000005000
671 Everatt, AddisonPort Kembla Cricket Club00000080000000
672 Shannon, RobertNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
673 Smith, JacksonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00200000000700
674 Singh, NeerajNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club011000000000800
675 Cattley, JackHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00150000050000
676 Tsolkas, JacobAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000004000
677 Allen, OwenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
678 Paddy, CameronWollongong District Cricket Club00100000000000
679 Chaplin, HunterHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.01140000060000
680 Chaplin, JarvisHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000060010000
681 Clode-walsh, JaiNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
682 Wanigaratne, HarinduDapto Cricket Club60000000000000
683 HARRISON, JacobKeira Cricket Club00000400000000
684 Fenukitau, MolokaCorrimal Cricket Club00100000070000
685 Jordan, ZacNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club000000010000000
686 Pogson, TomKeira Cricket Club00000000005000
687 Pogson, MaxKeira Cricket Club00000000000700
688 Carter, RemiKeira Cricket Club00050000000800
689 Morgan, AdrianNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00100000000000
690 Peters, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
691 Kendall, AdamKeira Cricket Club00000000000800
692 Hennen, TyeKeira Cricket Club00150000000800
693 Waller, MitchellHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000040000
694 Williams, SamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00060000009000
695 Mudgil, SohamWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
696 Cook, EthanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000042000000
697 Moir, ElijahHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000050000
698 Jeffery, ThomasKeira Cricket Club00100000000000
699 Hurley, ElijahPort Kembla Cricket Club12100000000700
700 Parr, Clinton RCorrimal Cricket Club03400000000000
701 Knight, RowanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00360000000000
702 cox, brendanBalgownie Cricket Club00140000000000
703 Walker-O'Loughlan, CooperPort Kembla Cricket Club52003000000000
704 Orton, Jacob SDapto Cricket Club00200000000700
705 Parker, Daniel ADapto Cricket Club43001000000000
706 Jarvis, WilliamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050001000
707 Cooper, JackWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
708 Davidson, Tyler JWests Illawarra Cricket Club04020000009100
709 Fennell, Jordan CPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000010000
710 Lewis, RaynerKeira Cricket Club00010000000700
711 Andrews, LewisKeira Cricket Club000000100000000
712 Muhammad, GhulamWollongong District Cricket Club00130000000000
713 McEnearney, Alana AHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00020000000000
714 McEnearney, Alana AKeira Cricket Club00000000000030
715 McEnearney, Josh BHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.06100000000000
716 Wright, OliverWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
717 Green, MaxNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
718 Barkley, HeathNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000009000000
719 Jagarlamudi, BhargavBalgownie Cricket Club00000000003000
720 Garbutt, BenBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
721 Kelly, Taya MNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
722 Tobin, ZacharyDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
723 Sutton, FletcherHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.36101000000000
724 Sutton, FletcherNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000600
725 Thompson, MaxWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
726 Vardy, AidanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00400000000000
727 Warren, NateWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000005000000
728 Lopac, Julian AWollongong District Cricket Club00520000000000
729 Stewart, FinnHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00300000060000
730 Bourke, Robert JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000060000000
731 O'Keefe, Joshua AWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
732 Sharma, NishkaIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000240000000
733 Nicol, HarperShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000006000
734 Leonard, LucasBalgownie Cricket Club71001000000000
735 Da Silva, PeterShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000070000
736 Millar, TobyBalgownie Cricket Club00010050000000
737 Maloney, BenDapto Cricket Club00000080010000
738 Bate-Charlton, GilbertBalgownie Cricket Club00300000000000
739 Phillips, SeanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
740 Langstaff, Kieran PWests Illawarra Cricket Club000000000001000
741 Robbie, Connor SBalgownie Cricket Club00360000007000
742 Sotirovski, JacobWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000400
743 McLean, SamuelGerringong Cricket Club00000000060000
744 Clare, HenryGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
745 Alchin, TullyGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
746 Cronin, ThomasGerringong Cricket Club00000000050000
747 Wildey, LachlanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000050000
748 Wildey, KaidenHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000070000000
749 Mcleish, LachieNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
750 Armstrong , Christopher JWollongong District Cricket Club24001000000000
751 Rodda, BodhieDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
752 Jones, ChaiseKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
753 Crawley, LachlanWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
754 Wojewodka, ChristopherKeira Cricket Club00000260000000
755 Sillitoe, DarrylDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
756 Russell, AustinDapto Cricket Club00000080010000
757 Brandon, JackDapto Cricket Club00000000070000
758 Marsh, KaelanPort Kembla Cricket Club01800000000900
759 Harrison, Hayden RDapto Cricket Club00000000090100
760 Orton, Harrison TDapto Cricket Club00000000080100
761 Neild, WilliamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000800
762 Neild, ThomasNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
763 Gray, RhysCorrimal Cricket Club00000070000000
764 Amos, William JCorrimal Cricket Club00000070000000
765 Northey, AaronWollongong District Cricket Club00060000000000
766 Green, HaydenWollongong District Cricket Club00000070000000
767 Boncompagni, RyanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00070000000000
768 Douglas, AngusNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
769 Dimitrovski, NicolasWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000060000
770 Basu, BrookeNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000008000000
771 Alchaar, HamzaPort Kembla Cricket Club00100000080100
772 Shanahan, DanielKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
773 Benson, RonanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
774 Davidson, Matthew JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000000
775 Knight, StephenShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000300000
776 Packett, StuartKeira Cricket Club00900000000000
777 Saville, RileyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000006000000
778 Nelson, GlennNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00030000000000
779 Dunn, CorieKeira Cricket Club001200000000000
780 Arsovski, Peter KPort Kembla Cricket Club010100000200000
781 Edwards, SebastianKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
782 Anderson, DeanPort Kembla Cricket Club00200000000000
783 Smith, Jamie PPort Kembla Cricket Club001100000000000
784 Lawler, KodyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000080000
785 Lawler, LoghanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
786 Moran, WilOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000070000
787 O'Connor, Alex RHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.01810000000000
788 Deck, Harrison RKeira Cricket Club00010000005000
789 Lynam, MitchBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
790 Cheema, FaizWollongong District Cricket Club00010000000000
791 Morrison, WilliamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
792 Neich, CalebBalgownie Cricket Club02230000007000
793 Rutter, AshtonBalgownie Cricket Club00200000000800
794 Singh, JashanWollongong District Cricket Club00700000000000
795 Taylor, KalanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000009000
796 Dudgeon, Ashton EGerringong Cricket Club00000000060000
797 Johnson, JomyIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00900000000000
798 Rayner, Lachlan JBalgownie Cricket Club00000006000000
799 Day, SamuelOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000080000
800 Garbutt, MichelleBalgownie Cricket Club00000000000060
801 Leonard, BrettBalgownie Cricket Club06000000000000
802 Stewart, BenHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.11000000000000
803 Rahman, PushkinNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00350000000000
804 Lynch-Munro, KobiPort Kembla Cricket Club00900000000860
805 Sutton, MalcolmNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
806 Shah, ShlokIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000240000000
807 Hockey, BeauShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000070000
808 Sommerville, JoeBalgownie Cricket Club00000050000000
809 Kumar, SanjeshIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00230000000000
810 Arena, AnthonyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00270000000000
811 Antony, BibinBalgownie Cricket Club00300000000000
812 Holbrow, DarrenWollongong District Cricket Club00500000000000
813 Kumar, ReetWollongong District Cricket Club00000300000009
814 Pittman, BrodieHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000040000
815 Burrill, LiamHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000800000000
816 Musgrove, JoelNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00550000000800
817 Campbell, HamishDapto Cricket Club00000700000000
818 Leadbitter, KydenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000007000000
819 Mallon, GeoffNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00270000000000
820 Ferguson, LachlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
821 Tunbridge, GusKeira Cricket Club00000008000000
822 Neich, RyanBalgownie Cricket Club00180000000000
823 Sharman, ZakkWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
824 Brandon, MaxDapto Cricket Club00000400000000
825 Brown, JacksonDapto Cricket Club00200000090100
826 Brown, LucasBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
827 Giustiniani, AllysonBalgownie Cricket Club00000000000050
828 Krauss, OscarKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
829 Burns, Nathanael JKeira Cricket Club00000000000500
830 James, DuncanKeira Cricket Club00010000000000
831 Robinson, JasperPort Kembla Cricket Club00000090000000
832 Moughal, Arhaan BaigWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000000600
833 Hudson, NicolaPort Kembla Cricket Club00000090000060
834 Quin, BrodyBalgownie Cricket Club00000800000000
835 werfel, OscarGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
836 Liaropoulos, Jack JDapto Cricket Club00000000090000
837 Clifford, JasonWests Illawarra Cricket Club00010000000000
838 Kargar, KaustubhUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club03610000000000
839 Richardson, HarperNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
840 Degeling, WilliamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000020000000
841 Whitmee, ThomasWests Illawarra Cricket Club000001000000000
842 Rayner , AidanBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
843 Garrard, DamonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000000
844 Lang, MarcusHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000800000000
845 Sloan, AvaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000007
846 Weeks, JackKeira Cricket Club00000800000000
847 Hammonds, Jack BWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000800000000
848 Sorge, JacksonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000070000
849 Sorge, ConnorNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
850 McCorry, AidanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
851 Halios-Lewis, LeoBalgownie Cricket Club00000007000000
852 Prosser, Ethan JPort Kembla Cricket Club80003000000000
853 Bateman, LachlanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000040000000
854 Norris, JesseDapto Cricket Club00000080010000
855 Mckenzie, MatthewNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
856 Thompson, ZekeKeira Cricket Club00000070000000
857 Cox, LiamBalgownie Cricket Club00000500000000
858 Craig, RobHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.03200000000000
859 Warrington, Tyler PDapto Cricket Club05000000000000
860 Ellis, CampbellNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00810000000700
861 Ellis, IsaacNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00050000060000
862 Cattley, JamesHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00160000000000
863 Taylor, PeterNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00260000000000
864 Brown, WilliamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
865 Segar, GnanaIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00020000000000
866 Robbie, Jason IBalgownie Cricket Club00270000000000
867 Thomson, WilliamShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000006000
868 Sharma, SwadeshShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000050000
869 McKenzie, MilesNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000050000
870 Cairns, TylerNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00040000030000
871 osborne, cobyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00060000060000
872 Griffith, MathewShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
873 Chidiac, AlbertDapto Cricket Club00000080000000
874 Ovenden, LiamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000090000
875 Gammone, LiamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00210009001000
876 Ferrante, Joseph CWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000700000000
877 Amadio, AlexBalgownie Cricket Club00000050000000
878 Pracy, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000070000
879 Roberts, Byron JNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00130000000800
880 Joshi, ItwikIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00010000000000
881 Benn, MichaelPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
882 Toland, WyattKeira Cricket Club00010000005000
883 Toland, LiamKeira Cricket Club00010000000000
884 Greenhalgh, Will RDapto Cricket Club00610000000700
885 Butler, JaiGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
886 Manning, ThomasHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000060000000
887 Stewart, DavidHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00740000000000
888 Bell, NoahBalgownie Cricket Club00000300000000
889 Harris, KieranWollongong District Cricket Club00100000000000
890 Sergeant, BeauBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
891 Jackson, LoughlanPort Kembla Cricket Club00300000060100
892 Jackson, GavinPort Kembla Cricket Club26000000200000
893 Ackerman, LoganHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000070000000
894 Waters, CadenceOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000080070
895 Smith, JedBalgownie Cricket Club00150000007000
896 Turner, IsaacCorrimal Cricket Club00000060020000
897 Baldwin, KeishaCorrimal Cricket Club00000000010000
898 Collings, Callum JBalgownie Cricket Club70001000000000
899 Vukelic, ZakHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000400000000
900 Rigby, JonathanWollongong District Cricket Club00010000000000
901 Lees, DarrenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00050000000000
902 Moosmann, LoganShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000060000
903 Warren, Darcy WNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000900000000
904 Ferguson, NashBalgownie Cricket Club00000009000000
905 Wells, ScottKeira Cricket Club00000000200000
906 Robinson, BohdiLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000005000
907 Kelly, CameronWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000050000000
908 Hockey, JettShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000070000
909 Andrews, HarveyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000080000
910 Gilmore, TimothyDapto Cricket Club00000000000800
911 Glaessner, OliviaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000007
912 Pearse, SarayaThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000020
913 Kumar, SamreenWollongong District Cricket Club00000300000007
914 Purtell, LukeWollongong District Cricket Club00000000036000
915 Tonge, LouiseNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000070
916 Glaessner, PhoebeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000007
917 Bramble, Jessica ROak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000070
918 Tiere, BrendonCorrimal Cricket Club04010000000000
919 Roti, JoyfulCorrimal Cricket Club000000000000100
920 Roti, WalevakaCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000040
921 Hill, GraceThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000070
922 Hurley, MalachyKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
923 Kinnas, ArtieUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00640000000000
924 Khan, DiaabPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000500
925 Yates, EllaPort Kembla Cricket Club00000090020150
926 Yates, LucyPort Kembla Cricket Club00000030000005
927 Pracy, TahliaOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000070
928 Pracy, TahliaShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000061000
929 Alchaar, MoussaWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000060000000
930 Khan, Aarez APort Kembla Cricket Club00000000060000
931 Gilly, EllaThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000070
932 Williams, JordanKeira Cricket Club00000710000000
933 Bryant, MichaelWollongong District Cricket Club001000000000000
934 Cartwright, SebastianKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
935 Khan, MohidWollongong District Cricket Club00000070000000
936 Recklies, MatthewNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
937 Urszulak, KellieOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000080
938 Duck, LilyWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000060
939 Foster, MarcosDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
940 Peoples, SamKeira Cricket Club00000008000000
941 Shaw, HudsonKeira Cricket Club00000009000000
942 Gleeson, MelodyWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000040
943 Holden, BlakeBalgownie Cricket Club00150000000000
944 Taylor, JacksonLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000006000
945 Geddes, CiaronNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000900000000
946 Da Costa, CallumWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
947 Mallon, JaydenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00180000009000
948 Burns, WilliamKeira Cricket Club00000080000000
949 Smith, OliverNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club000000010000000
950 Moses, CarterHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000500000000
951 Sullivan, Cody JWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000008000
952 Phillips, KieranWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
953 Karlis, Kieran HWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
954 Saiprem, GattuIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00330000000000
955 ********Dapto Cricket Club00000100000000
956 smede, oliverBalgownie Cricket Club00000008000000
957 Grose, ArlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000008000
958 Murphy, ConnorWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000600
959 Krauss, OliveKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
960 Page, BradShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000300000
961 Lovegrove, TomWollongong District Cricket Club00000070000000
962 Shaw, SamuelKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
963 Crowe, JonathanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000007000000
964 Regan, JacobKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
965 Kennedy, JoshuaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club000000000100000
966 Wright, ChristopherWests Illawarra Cricket Club00160000000000
967 Flanders , OliverBalgownie Cricket Club00000810000000
968 Cheema, Mohammad APort Kembla Cricket Club00000000030300
969 Stanger, KaidenHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000300000000
970 Lockyer, SamuelBalgownie Cricket Club00000050000000
971 Marton, MatthewNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
972 Ainsworth, DuncanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000600000000
973 Ainsworth, AndrewHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.001000000000000
974 Augustine, AlanDapto Cricket Club00000000000700
975 Harrison, CameronDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
976 Brown, LachlanDapto Cricket Club00000600000000
977 Maloney, JoelDapto Cricket Club00000900000000
978 Finlay, ConnorBalgownie Cricket Club00600000000700
979 Hurst, SamuelPort Kembla Cricket Club00000700000000
980 Makowski, WilsonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club000000010000000
981 Humphreys, AaliyahOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000080
982 Minett, KoenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
983 Peoples, TobyKeira Cricket Club00000061000000
984 Wells, ThomasShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
985 Peiris, DevinKeira Cricket Club00840000000000
986 Visamsetty, ThrivediWollongong District Cricket Club00900000000000
987 Agnew, BenjaminWests Illawarra Cricket Club000001000000000
988 Rossit, MillieKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
989 Tahmid, IslamUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00500000000000
990 Balu, SundharIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00800000000000
991 Guduru, Laxminarayana Reddy NWollongong District Cricket Club00800000000000
992 Rafique, Muhammad Abdullah AWollongong District Cricket Club00090000000000
993 Rex, KaneAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
994 Whalan, MitchellDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
995 Whalan, MarkDapto Cricket Club00010000000000
996 Khan, MuhammadWollongong District Cricket Club00000400000000
997 McDougall, HarleyKeira Cricket Club001100000000000
998 Marsh, AndrewPort Kembla Cricket Club011000000000000
999 Marsh, HeathPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000080100
1000 Yeaman, AshleighWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000090
1001 ********Wests Illawarra Cricket Club00000070000000
1002 Taraa, NooaCorrimal Cricket Club00190000000000
1003 Withanage, Tinuka LWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000800000000
1004 Sridhar, Kailash BharadhwajWollongong District Cricket Club00800000000000
1005 Stephenson, Gabriel HKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1006 Wells, JosephBalgownie Cricket Club00000800000000
1007 Faulks, HarryBalgownie Cricket Club00000041000000
1008 Faulks, AngusBalgownie Cricket Club00000000007000
1009 Sharma, AmanWollongong District Cricket Club26202000000000
1010 Klein, Thomas MWests Illawarra Cricket Club000001000000000
1011 Cummins, JamesKeira Cricket Club00000900000000
1012 Fuller, EthanKeira Cricket Club00000600000000
1013 Jameson, OliveKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1014 Rohoseink, ThomasBalgownie Cricket Club00000000007000
1015 Smyth, KirraWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000003
1016 Neri, FrankShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
1017 Cooney, KieranKeira Cricket Club00000900000000
1018 Hunt, OrlandoNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
1019 Osman, MahmoudWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000060000000
1020 Evans, ZevvyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000010000
1021 McLeod, MitchellNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1022 Donnelly, Craig MKeira Cricket Club00900000000000
1023 Sharpe, LesKeira Cricket Club00080000300000
1024 Habak, JoeyBalgownie Cricket Club00000400000000
1025 Cole, TroyShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000000000
1026 murphy, millieDapto Cricket Club00000600000000
1027 Potter, Ben LWests Illawarra Cricket Club04000000000000
1028 Philip, Lenin AIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00200000000000
1029 Francis, JibinIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00400000000000
1030 Joseph, TobinIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00600000000000
1031 Shah, HarshIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00420000000000
1032 Sharma, Mukesh DIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000000000000
1033 Pavin, AkileshIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000000000000
1034 Kenworthy, Griffin WHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.01310000000000
1035 Watson, AnnaleeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000070
1036 Jilson, JohnIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00400000000000
1037 Wilcox, KeiraIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000000000010
1038 Sanjeev, AmayKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
1039 Packer, JeremyKeira Cricket Club00000009000000
1040 Fredericks, BenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000090000
1041 Elmir, AbdulrahmanPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000080100
1042 Ashford, BruceIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00410000000000
1043 Iype, JobyIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000000000000
1044 Velkuru, KarthikWollongong District Cricket Club54001000000000
1045 Ganjare, AkshayWollongong District Cricket Club00090000000000
1046 Shah, DeepBalgownie Cricket Club00000000007000
1047 Young, MichaelNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club000000010000000
1048 Jayasundara, Udara SWests Illawarra Cricket Club50001000000000
1049 Jones-Davids, HunterDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
1050 Smith, EliWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000070000000
1051 Wraight, CruzShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000001000
1052 Carter, ReedKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
1053 Buckley, StephenWollongong District Cricket Club62003000000000
1054 Clarke, EmmaKookas Cricket Club00000000000010
1055 Colmer, AlexanderNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000071000000
1056 Sullivan, JamesKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000090000
1057 Sullivan, JasperKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000030000
1058 Warren, WilliamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1059 Andrews, AmandaOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000030
1060 Martin, ArlieWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000900000000
1061 Martin, HarveyWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000900000000
1062 Rayner, CurtisBalgownie Cricket Club00000710000000
1063 Ellmers, OliverKeira Cricket Club00000006000000
1064 oneil, callumOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000070000
1065 Bell, JedBalgownie Cricket Club00000600000000
1066 Jeffrey, LukeBalgownie Cricket Club00000002000000
1067 Cuthbert, KiahKookas Cricket Club00000000000060
1068 George, JamesNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000050000
1069 Nicol, SamualShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000060000
1070 Robinson, SamuelKeira Cricket Club00000000000000
1071 Robinson, SamuelWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
1072 Carter, CindyKookas Cricket Club00000000000060
1073 Pannala, Ridhaan ReddyGerringong Cricket Club00000000030000
1074 Douglas, ElizaNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000500000000
1075 Hick, LucyKeira Cricket Club00000600000000
1076 Storey, Kye AWollongong District Cricket Club00 00000000000
1077 Muhammad Yousaf, DawoodShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000050000
1078 Hicks, LiamNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1079 O'Keefe, MadelineWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000008
1080 Kumar, AthulkrishnaDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
1081 Lamb, KyanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000008000000
1082 Croker, TammieThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000050
1083 Holdsworth, Cameron JPort Kembla Cricket Club44002000000000
1084 Adams, RileyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000007000
1085 Adams, ZacNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00020000000600
1086 Johnston, JackHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.02000000000000
1087 Finny, AbelIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00130000000000
1088 Barlow, BlakeKeira Cricket Club00000240000000
1089 Lloyd, CurtlyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000610000000
1090 Milsom, JamesKeira Cricket Club00000070000000
1091 Neich, EdenBalgownie Cricket Club00000050000010
1092 Hammonds, JoshuaWests Illawarra Cricket Club00030000000000
1093 Howarth, ElijahWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000060000
1094 Placek, HarryKeira Cricket Club00000090000000
1095 Tate, HannahDapto Cricket Club00000600000000
1096 White, DaleBalgownie Cricket Club00100000000000
1097 Tate, LachlanDapto Cricket Club00000800000000
1098 Snell, AustinHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00440000060000
1099 Taunton, KadeHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000060000000
1100 Sheeley, MaxwellNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1101 Bunt, SamCorrimal Cricket Club18100000000000
1102 Valdez, Amelia RPort Kembla Cricket Club00000090010000
1103 Orton, StephenDapto Cricket Club01600000000000
1104 Neaves, MaxNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
1105 Beauchamp, CalebDapto Cricket Club00000060000000
1106 Edwards, JoshuaWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
1107 Lees, HiltonNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1108 McCarthy, TomasNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000800000000
1109 Gehlhaar, SaigeNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000400000000
1110 Mayer, ErikIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00140000000000
1111 Horsley, KadenKeira Cricket Club51003000000000
1112 Roman, LuisWollongong District Cricket Club00010000000000
1113 Roberts, JimKeira Cricket Club00060000100000
1114 Bell, LewisHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000600000000
1115 Jones, AngusWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000800000000
1116 Barlow, AshleighKeira Cricket Club00000060000010
1117 Bolton , JamesNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1118 Cairncross, BenUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club03500000000000
1119 Whitehead, NoahNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
1120 Forte, OliverNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
1121 Chadaram, Lakshmi SWollongong District Cricket Club00090000000000
1122 Jagarlamudi, NandanaBalgownie Cricket Club00000300000000
1123 Jagarlamudi, NandanaWollongong District Cricket Club00000400000009
1124 Murzevski, MilePort Kembla Cricket Club00000000200000
1125 Gasparro, IlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000072001000
1126 Lloyd, TimothyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000000000
1127 Shivakumar H, IshaanIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000130000000
1128 Browne, AvaThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000070
1129 Taylor, HaydenHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000400000000
1130 Coble, MacleanShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000071000
1131 Washbourne, NathanWollongong District Cricket Club00000070000000
1132 Russoniello, JoshuaKeira Cricket Club001000000000000
1133 Clark , KadenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
1134 atkins, cooperBalgownie Cricket Club00000000007000
1135 Bell, HarrisonPort Kembla Cricket Club00000800000000
1136 ********Wests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000005
1137 Needham, GlennKeira Cricket Club00260000000000
1138 Giustiniani, DarrenWollongong District Cricket Club00020000000000
1139 Crouch, LeviWollongong District Cricket Club00000170000000
1140 Browne, ZaraWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000009
1141 Rahman, ObaidurUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00740000000000
1142 Gammone, RonnyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00170000000000
1143 Gandhi, MohitWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000000
1144 Waterhouse, TrentNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00030000000000
1145 Nur, Bareed MUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00140000000000
1146 Mhatre, Shardul NUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club01800000000000
1147 Dovern, Kiana RThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000020
1148 Muller, William MWollongong District Cricket Club00010000026000
1149 Phillips, ArchieNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1150 Ghosh, NiladriIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00100000000000
1151 Maqbool, BabarIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00030000000000
1152 Patil, AryaIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000030000000
1153 Patil, AnujIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000010000000
1154 Mahantesh , AryaIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000030000000
1155 Farmer, BenWollongong District Cricket Club00000900000000
1156 Cornick, ChantelleNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
1157 Gunn, AlexUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00100000000000
1158 Waters, BecOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000080
1159 Dhami, RobbieNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00910000000800
1160 Dhami, BobbyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1161 Westbrook, ScottNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00150000000000
1162 Narayanan, AthulWollongong District Cricket Club00600000000000
1163 Briggs, BobbyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000400000000
1164 Sojan, JoelDapto Cricket Club00000040000000
1165 Rejith Kumar, Gokul KrishnaDapto Cricket Club00000300000000
1166 Rees, DoyleDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
1167 Knowles, CharlieNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1168 Knowles, TullyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1169 Cuthbert, LachlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000061000000
1170 Cergovski, RyanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
1171 Flanders, CharlieBalgownie Cricket Club26101000000800
1172 Reinhard, KyussNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000700
1173 Baldassari, JackWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000900000000
1174 Jacobson, ZacharyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1175 Binoy, FebinDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
1176 Black, NoahAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000004000
1177 Cumming, Angus DUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club10000000000000
1178 Cox, CalebBalgownie Cricket Club00800000000700
1179 Cohen, BradleyBalgownie Cricket Club00000800000000
1180 Shrimpton, WilliamDapto Cricket Club00000000080000
1181 Abraham, IsaacIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00030000000000
1182 Bowles, LukeNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000700000000
1183 Ruprecht, BlakeDapto Cricket Club00000080000000
1184 Vardy, OwenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1185 Waters, CormacHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000070000000
1186 Savelli, SiennaKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1187 Windsor, WilfredNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
1188 barton, KASEY TAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
1189 Trebel, LachlanCorrimal Cricket Club00000070000000
1190 Grant, HamishBalgownie Cricket Club00000000000000
1191 Dhami, KiranNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00030000031000
1192 Dhami, RubenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1193 brittain, BaileyHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000500000000
1194 Russell, ColinPort Kembla Cricket Club001100000000000
1195 HEFFERNAN, JOSHUAHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000000040000
1196 Pallister, DanielDapto Cricket Club00000800000000
1197 Thompson, OscarWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000400000000
1198 Cracknell, OliverCorrimal Cricket Club00000060000000
1199 rooney, jamesUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00400000000000
1200 Goodwin, MatthewDapto Cricket Club00000000070000
1201 Carr, NateHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000070000000
1202 Crouch, NoahKeira Cricket Club00000070000000
1203 Oxman, HamishDapto Cricket Club00000000090000
1204 Davies, HamishDapto Cricket Club00000080000000
1205 Taheri, KaiHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000700000000
1206 Jones, ShaunNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1207 Clothier, AidanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000700000000
1208 Fitzgerald, HaydenPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000030000
1209 Brown, NoahPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000090000
1210 Holland, BearNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000060000000
1211 Clode-Walsh, QuinnNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1212 Horley, CassandraKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000008
1213 Muller, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club00000000007000
1214 MacKay, FraserNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000500000000
1215 Thompson, EthanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
1216 Robinson, LachlanDapto Cricket Club00010000000000
1217 ********Dapto Cricket Club00000500000000
1218 Andrews , QuinnHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000500000000
1219 Reynolds, LincolnBalgownie Cricket Club00000000005000
1220 Katselos, AriWollongong District Cricket Club00000070000000
1221 Peti, KadeDapto Cricket Club00000000070000
1222 Dell'Orefice, LucasOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000080000
1223 O'Rourke, Angus JUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club07000000000000
1224 Mcintyre, NicholasHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000700000000
1225 Macpherson, KaiNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000060000
1226 Sutton, FrazerWollongong District Cricket Club00000700000000
1227 Logan, RodneyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00080000000000
1228 Jackson, AstonPort Kembla Cricket Club00000090000000
1229 Sjostedt, AlexanderNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1230 Henson, JackKeira Cricket Club00000800000000
1231 DeFrancesco, KaiNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1232 Hewitt, Joshua SWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
1233 Bradley, SamKeira Cricket Club00000070000000
1234 Mott, TomHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.15000000000000
1235 Meizer, LilyPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000004
1236 Coso, ShannanBalgownie Cricket Club60001000000000
1237 Reid, OliviaCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000060
1238 Simpson, ZoeKeira Cricket Club00000070000010
1239 Chaudhry, AbdullahWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000070000000
1240 Newton, BrynWests Illawarra Cricket Club00330000000700
1241 Mamouris, AlexIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000240000000
1242 Love, AlexBalgownie Cricket Club00000040000000
1243 Brinkworth, JamieCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000020
1244 King, AbbyThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000010
1245 Henness, SamanthaWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000070
1246 Cooper, FlynnDapto Cricket Club00000000090100
1247 Leighton-Powderly, JasperKeira Cricket Club00000800000000
1248 Leato, NaiaLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000000004000
1249 Watson, KadeBalgownie Cricket Club00000600000000
1250 Rawiri, KianuWollongong District Cricket Club00000000035000
1251 Testa, JacobKeira Cricket Club00000800000000
1252 Rawiri, TayeWollongong District Cricket Club00010000036000
1253 Egerton, HarryWests Illawarra Cricket Club00510000000500
1254 Egerton, EuanWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000070000
1255 Willstrop, TamaraThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000060
1256 Votano, BrendanCorrimal Cricket Club00600000000000
1257 Almoubayed, AhmadPort Kembla Cricket Club00000400000000
1258 Varley, LukeWollongong District Cricket Club00000800000000
1259 Myerscough, AnthonyNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00160000000000
1260 Matar, Abdul RahmanPort Kembla Cricket Club00100000080000
1261 Whalan, MarkDapto Cricket Club00700000000000
1262 McIntosh, Declan JKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1263 Brown, BrooklynKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000008
1264 Brown, BrooklynKookas Cricket Club00000000000010
1265 Sellers, GlennNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1266 ********Northern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1267 Yadav, RohitWollongong District Cricket Club00300000000000
1268 Manshani, RohanIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00000030000000
1269 Waters, BrandonHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00170000000000
1270 Thomas, DavidHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.08000000000000
1271 Rutty, JettWollongong District Cricket Club00000000035000
1272 Osman, IbrahimPort Kembla Cricket Club00000400000000
1273 Haybittle, ScarlettNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000400000000
1274 Hunt, JulienNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00010000000000
1275 Bennett, EmmaNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000070
1276 Bowmaker, JaimeKookas Cricket Club00000000000060
1277 McLachlan, HunterGerringong Cricket Club00000000070000
1278 Lacey, ByronWollongong District Cricket Club00000000006000
1279 Farmilo, ReneeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000070
1280 Munim, AbdulWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000070000000
1281 Fallon, LeanneNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000070
1282 Shaffiq, HassanDapto Cricket Club01000000000000
1283 Willis, JacquelineKeira Cricket Club00000000000010
1284 Kommineni, Apurup ChowdaryWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000000
1285 Barbour, DylanDapto Cricket Club00000000090000
1286 Vijayan, SanjeevIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00030000000000
1287 Correa, LuisWollongong District Cricket Club00000050000000
1288 Muniraga, KishenUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00060000000000
1289 Baker, StuartPort Kembla Cricket Club00800000000000
1290 Basireddy, Dinesh RUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00050000000000
1291 Tokley, CameronWollongong District Cricket Club00340000000000
1292 Sudha, Ajith NIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00700000000000
1293 Fuller, BrynKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1294 Senthilmani Venkatesh, JayanthKeira Cricket Club00000080000000
1295 Thazhathaveetil, SriramIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00900000000000
1296 ********Dapto Cricket Club00000900000000
1297 Broadhurst, BiancaWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000090
1298 Sriharsha, ksWollongong District Cricket Club00300000000000
1299 Gracias, RonanKeira Cricket Club00000080000000
1300 Schofield, WillAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000005000
1301 Poole, JordanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000080000
1302 Minucos, BellaBalgownie Cricket Club00000050000000
1303 Maher, OliverNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000070000000
1304 Choice, LachlanNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1305 Hamill, JesseNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000900000000
1306 Santosh , PandeyPort Kembla Cricket Club05400000000000
1307 Roby, JanelleNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
1308 Parker, ZoeKeira Cricket Club00000000000060
1309 Marshall-Dawson, BanjoNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000400000000
1310 Duda, AlexanderKeira Cricket Club01900000000000
1311 Greenhalgh, CarysDapto Cricket Club00000300000000
1312 Churchill, KieranKeira Cricket Club00010000000000
1313 Russell, RynahnPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000070000
1314 Tarlinton, AdamWollongong District Cricket Club00000800000000
1315 Christian, Benjamin PWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000008100
1316 Hill, CooperDapto Cricket Club00000080000000
1317 Ashton, VincentNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000900000000
1318 Eaton, CharlieKeira Cricket Club00070000000000
1319 Barnes, RhysKeira Cricket Club00000009000000
1320 Barnes, NevaehKeira Cricket Club00000500000000
1321 O'Rance, LachlanWollongong District Cricket Club000001000000000
1322 Hodgson, TajNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000050000000
1323 Cherukuri, AryaKeira Cricket Club00000200000000
1324 Hettiarachchi, LarissaKeira Cricket Club00000000000050
1325 Kerr, LachlanKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
1326 Parkes, JamesHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000200000000
1327 Rayner, HudsonBalgownie Cricket Club00000600000000
1328 Kumar, ManishPort Kembla Cricket Club02100000000000
1329 Threadgate, MatthewUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club62001000000000
1330 Scobie, NathanBalgownie Cricket Club00100000000600
1331 Abubakar, MuhammadWollongong District Cricket Club00090000000000
1332 Watson, Caleb WUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00030000000000
1333 Kramers, WillNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000900000000
1334 Nawaz, AhsanWollongong District Cricket Club00170000000000
1335 Walsh, JacksonKeira Cricket Club00010000000000
1336 Woods, TaylenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000080000000
1337 Devlin, JackKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
1338 Cattley, EllaHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000610000000
1339 Cattley, EllaWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000005
1340 McCreedy, Te AhureiWollongong District Cricket Club000001000000000
1341 Hiscox, LiamKeira Cricket Club00060000000000
1342 Kisnat, SamDapto Cricket Club00000600000000
1343 Varda, MaxWollongong District Cricket Club00200000035000
1344 Rower, CoreyKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
1345 Beattie, JenNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
1346 Alfred-Preston, OrlandoNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000000
1347 Thirimanna, DonKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
1348 Faulks, PeterKeira Cricket Club00070000000000
1349 Sutton, NeridaWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000070
1350 Curtis, MiaDapto Cricket Club00000100000000
1351 McRae, AndrewWollongong District Cricket Club41000000000000
1352 Taylor, JacobKeira Cricket Club00040000000000
1353 Shekhawat, Digvijay SinghWollongong District Cricket Club00420000000000
1354 Walters, BenajminDapto Cricket Club00000070000000
1355 Smith, HarperWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000000000008
1356 Maqbool, HamzaWollongong District Cricket Club04200000000000
1357 Afridi, Abdul haseebWollongong District Cricket Club03101000000000
1358 Hamilton, KirraNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000060
1359 Manning, AllanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00170000000000
1360 Gruber, SamuelDapto Cricket Club00000300000000
1361 Cleary, BrielleKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000000000008
1362 O'Neill, EthanHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00310000000000
1363 Clarke, MitchellWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000800000000
1364 Hasnain, Hafiz MuhammadWollongong District Cricket Club04100000000000
1365 Alchaar, MuhammadPort Kembla Cricket Club00000400000000
1366 Ramsey, CoenKeira Cricket Club00000700000000
1367 Gullock, RyanCorrimal Cricket Club60001000000000
1368 Dwyer, HugoHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000800000000
1369 Head, OliviaWollongong District Cricket Club00000800000009
1370 Wilton, RileyDapto Cricket Club00000000040000
1371 Rower, DylanKeira Cricket Club00050000000000
1372 Willstrop, LillyDapto Cricket Club00000000090000
1373 Willstrop, LillyThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000010
1374 Myerscough, WilNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00260000000000
1375 Jones, AnnaNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000040
1376 Ladic, BrunoPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000000
1377 Madala, SandeepWollongong District Cricket Club00090000000000
1378 Boshoff, MarkuDapto Cricket Club00000050000000
1379 Cooper, DieselHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000060000000
1380 Driscoll, TrumanWollongong District Cricket Club00900000000000
1381 James, LilyPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000004
1382 Baldwin, KeishaCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000050
1383 Arsovski, JimPort Kembla Cricket Club03100000200000
1384 Fraser, ChristopherHelensburgh Cricket Club Inc.00000800000000
1385 Anderson , CharlotteNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000500000000
1386 Rubena, MalakhiCorrimal Cricket Club00000070000000
1387 Tiere, WolikaCorrimal Cricket Club000000000000100
1388 Loomes, FelixCorrimal Cricket Club00000060000000
1389 Douglas, TimNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00210000000000
1390 Delboux, LukeUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club01700000000000
1391 Tiere, RossCorrimal Cricket Club00070000000000
1392 Binou, MatthewPort Kembla Cricket Club00100000000700
1393 Anderson, DavidKeira Cricket Club00740000000000
1394 Elmoubayed, FaroukWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000070000000
1395 Hegyi, BenPort Kembla Cricket Club00000800000000
1396 Elmir, Mohamed-AliPort Kembla Cricket Club00000300000000
1397 Sharman, LachlanCorrimal Cricket Club00200000070000
1398 Maia, TotokoCorrimal Cricket Club00000000000090
1399 Clements, LucyKeira Cricket Club00000000000020
1400 Wicks, DarceyGerringong Cricket Club00000000060000
1401 Hurley, DavidBalgownie Cricket Club00400000000000
1402 Mahe, PaniaCorrimal Cricket Club00000040010000
1403 Testa, BaileyWests Illawarra Cricket Club00000800000000
1404 ********Wollongong District Cricket Club00000100000009
1405 williams, brendanBalgownie Cricket Club00070000000000
1406 Yeo, RyanWests Illawarra Cricket Club000001000000000
1407 Morris, DaveShoalhaven District Cricket Association- Representative Teams00000000100000
1408 Yates, Stevie-LeePort Kembla Cricket Club00000000000004
1409 Watson, RochelleOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000000070
1410 Rees, ZoeDapto Cricket Club00000500000000
1411 Wagstaff, David KUniversity of Wollongong Cricket Club00070000000000
1412 Russell, CassieWollongong District Cricket Club00000000000080
1413 George, JacobIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00900000000000
1414 Cross, JohnPort Kembla Cricket Club00000000100000
1415 Dyke, StevenPort Kembla Cricket Club03900000000000
1416 Gibson, AidenPort Kembla Cricket Club00000080000000
1417 Hay, NicholasKeira Cricket Club41003000000000
1418 Kelly, SharonKookas Cricket Club00000000000020
1419 Solitro, LindaKookas Cricket Club00000000000030
1420 Laboureur, SandraThe Rail Cricket Club00000000000070
1421 Maqbool, Muhammad BIllawarra Passionate Cricketers Club00100000000000
1422 Brown, MelindaKookas Cricket Club00000000000050
1423 Monie, JacquiKookas Cricket Club00000000000050
1424 White, Stephen LWollongong District Cricket Club00000000035000
1425 Janzen, NatalieNorthern Districts Butchers Cricket Club00000000000050
1426 Bradbury, LachlanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000000070000
1427 ********Wollongong District Cricket Club00000000000009
1428 Le-Devenish, UlandWol